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We’re an independent IT Consultancy providing Outsourced IT Director packages, IT Strategy Development and IT Project Planning and Management expertise, based in the Midlands, and London.

We help busy people in business to get more from their IT systems, technology choices and investments. We are completely independent and will always have your businesses best interests at heart.

Who We Help

Business Leaders

  • Do you believe that IT is holding your business back?
  • Would you value having someone capable to help take IT in your business forward?
  • How much time do you spend on IT that
    would be better off spent in other areas
    of your business?


Office Managers

  • Do you ever feel that your IT suppliers (or other 3rd party) are not being honest with you?
  • Are you fed up of picking up the responsibility of IT or receiving poor service from your supply chain?
  • Would you value having someone you can rely on to provide trusted advice around everything IT?


IT Managers

  • How much spare time do you have to manage all your IT projects?
  • Do you have the skills in-house to plan and deliver your next IT project?
  • Would you like to free up time and delegate IT tasks and responsibilities to someone that gets things done?


How We Help

Outsourced IT Director

Getting the right IT advice and solutions for your business can be challenging, whilst further adding to the stress of running your business.

We developed the Outsourced IT Director, someone you can rely on to fight for your businesses’ best interests, without the expense of hiring someone full-time.


Strategy & Development

Every ambitious business needs a business strategy, and IT is no different. IT affects most systems and processes in any modern business which makes it even more important than ever for you.

So if you have no IT strategy in place, or it’s out of date, or perhaps you have no idea where to begin, then let us guide you.


Planning & Management

We are experts at planning and managing IT projects that will get you the best results. Because we are independent, you’ll get a trusted expert working in your best interests.

So if you’re too busy, or just want to make sure you get the best outcomes for your next project, then we can help.


IT Advice You Can Trust


We are committed to being 100% independent and impartial.
It’s part of our core values.

This means that you always get the best advice and solutions aligned in your best interests.

Most IT suppliers will position services and solutions that make them the most money, otherwise, in their interests and not yours. And it’s the same for independent IT Consultants who claim to be impartial, but seek a commission when introducing you to a sale.

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