IT Managers

Being an IT manager can be a nightmare. You’re often faced with reactive IT issues on a daily basis, meaning you don’t have the time to start thinking proactively about your businesses IT strategy. You find yourself thinking – how can I get this done? You often report into the MD meaning there isn’t an IT Director to help advise or challenge you on the decisions you make.

IT managers like you need to have confidence that all your IT bases are being covered, especially when it comes to your IT planning and strategy or any specialist IT projects that you are looking to take on. You need to feel in control and have your eye of the ball – especially when the board of directors start knocking.

How we help people like you

Eleven IT Consulting have over 15 years of experience in IT and supporting IT Managers in their roles. We help provide the clarity and advice you need when you’re making IT decisions that impact the way your business is being run. We collaborate with IT Managers and work as part of your team to support you in any of the projects that you have been asked to undertake.

Having us as part of your team will make you feel like you are in safe hands. You’ll have structure, clarity and focus on your IT strategy and plans and your MD and board of directors will feel like you and your team have everything under control.

What our customers says about us

Our college relies heavily on its IT systems and staying on top of the right technology. Working in conjunction with Eleven, we have been able to successfully install and commission highly technical projects whilst ensuring we meet timescales and budgets. Furthermore, the ongoing support at the end of the phone has been invaluable when the unexpected occurs!

Stuart Axford, IT Manager

Services for you

Outsourced IT Director

Two heads are better than one. By using our service you’ll have a go to person to help you to get the best advice and solutions for your organisation.

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Strategy & Development

Unsure of the right path? We can help you develop the best possible strategy that includes solutions to make a real difference to your IT operations.

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Planning & Management

Too many plates to spin and details to look into? We’ll help you plan your next IT projects to perfection, support you when needed and plug any gaps as required.

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