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Hi, I’m Harry Leak the founder of Eleven IT Consulting.

First things first

Please do not mistake us for the usual 1 of a million IT support companies that are out there today. We are a purist IT consultancy that specialises in helping people with their internal IT operations. We do not sell any hardware or software and do not provide  IT support services to our clients.

A little bit about me

I’m a passionate fool for IT, but not completely consumed by it. I’m a user of IT just like you, I will surf the web and use it for my work but you won’t find me talking about it much outside of a working environment! I slipped in to it by accident when I was just 18 years old, and have never looked back.

I gained an interest in IT at an early age as I always seemed to have the latest technology around me whilst growing up. I remember my Dad bringing home a 14.4k dial-up modem to get on the internet in 1993, rigged up to our 486sx 25mhz desktop computer the whole family used. How times have changed!

I’ve always understood the technicalities of IT well, but where I excel is being able to talk about IT and technology to anyone, and helping them to understand it.  A rather rare talent I think you’ll agree!

Why I’m passionate about what I do

I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, and most of this time I have spent working as a consultant helping and supporting SMEs, Schools and Colleges throughout the UK.

Working my way through a variety of IT roles, serving clients in many sectors, I find myself wanting to help people cut through the IT jargon of today, and the many misleading sales pitches from suppliers. And that’s because I’ve seen it all over the years.

Throughout this experience it was clear that SMEs (in particular) would often survive or cope with poor service from their supply chain, and have to suffer with services and solutions not always aligned in their best interests.

And without the insider knowledge, confidence or resources to make the necessary changes for the better, either nothing would happen, or solutions would often get put in that were not quite right for their businesses.

They were often too busy to shop around and would lean on their supply chain to guide them instead of working out what they needed and taking it to them.

I set out to challenge this, as I believe that there must be a way for the largest market in the UK to have access to a service that delivered IT focused time and attention for their businesses, in a completely independent and impartial way.

I also still like to get my hands dirty by supporting larger IT teams in SMEs, schools and colleges throughout the UK with more complex requirements.

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