Office Managers

Being an Office Manager often means you wear many hats. You find yourself being the IT Helpdesk, the HR department or running off to fix that water leak in the kitchen. IT systems and operations isn’t usually at the front of your mind, it’s all a bit complicated, technical and sometimes you just don’t know if you are making the right decisions.

Office Managers like you need to feel in control and that they are being proactive in making the best decisions on behalf of their company. Especially when things go wrong. You don’t want everything to feel like a crisis and sometimes you need to seek expert advice and guidance.

How we help people like you

At Eleven IT Consulting we are experts in providing IT advice to SME businesses, schools and colleges. With 15 years in the industry we’ve pretty much seen anything that can go wrong, and helped solve the problem. We realise you are not an IT specialist and we know that having a trusted relationship with someone that can provide added support is essential to help you do your job effectively and efficiently.

Bringing us in to support you in your role will be like a breath of fresh air. You’ll have a dedicated resource to consult with over all IT operations, meaning you’ll be able to focus on your job and get the right advice more quickly. We’ll take that overwhelming feeling of IT away and work as part of your extended team to help you achieve your businesses goals.

What our customers says about us

The whole experience has been very easy with the support that has been offered by not only Harry but also the back office staff such as Zoe, it has made progressing our IT very simple. I felt like we had not progressed in the right direction for a long time, then we forged the relationship with Eleven and I feel like we have suddenly progressed into a new area, with updated IT and plans for further progression, I can finally see positive changes starting to happen.

Mandy Hutchinson, Office Manager

Services for you

Outsourced IT Director

Overwhelmed? We can support you in your role as the head of your team and make the IT problems disappear for good.

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Strategy & Development

Lacking direction? With an IT strategy and plan in place, we’ll make sure your business knows where its heading.

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Planning & Management

Not in the know? We can help you with your next IT project to make sure it is planned and delivered as expected.

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