Outsourced IT Director

Our Outsourced IT Director packages are for any SME looking for trusted IT expertise and solutions to take their business to new heights.

With over 15 years of experience helping SME businesses to date, we are experts in our field. We’ll take the lead on the direction of IT in your business so that all the headaches can sit with us.

We’ll cut through all the IT and tech jargon, and explain things to you in plain english. Plus, you’ll quickly start to see things getting done and key decisions being made.

Get an Outsourced IT Director package from as little as £400.00+VAT per month.

With our Outsourced IT Director packages, every SME business can have trusted IT expertise accessible for them when they need it.

Our packages address all your IT management and development needs to keep your strategy in constant development, meaning your business continues to grow whilst you get the advice and direction that you need.

We will allocate the right package for you based on how much time and resources you need to invest.


Making an impact
Our “Making an Impact” package caters for smaller, less complex requirements and typically works well when there are two or less projects to manage at any one time.


Totally integrated
Our “Totally Integrated” package caters for busier, more complex requirements and includes extra time to focus on multiple projects and requirements at the same time.


Ready for anything
Our “Ready for Anything” package is exactly that. It’s a completely customisable package that can be tailored to fit any requirement.

How We'll Do It

We’ll start with a discovery call to find out where you are right now with IT in your business. It will identify any aspirations and issues you have, and whether you have a valid strategy or plan in place currently.

Then if required, we’ll recommend you take out an IT Assessment so we can get to know your business in greater detail. This is where we consult with you and your business to fully understand your current IT situation.

From the IT Assessment, an IT Strategy is created with options on what we recommend you could do, and how you could do it.

And finally, we’ll recommend the right Outsourced IT Director package to help you to implement your strategy, and to maintain it going forward.

What your Outsourced IT Director will do for you

  • Management Meetings – We’re responsible for arranging and delivering regular meetings to discuss progress with IT and projects.
  • Project Management – We’ll guide and support you with any IT project requirement.
  • Supplier Meetings – We’ll organise and attend supplier meetings and only include you when needed.
  • Supplier Monitoring – We’ll monitor your suppliers, ensuring they are working hard to meet your expectations.
  • Supplier Interfacing – We’ll act as the bridge between your supply chain, enhancing each relationship and delivering greater results.
  • Supplier Selection & Switching – We’ll help you switch suppliers, and manage the selection process.
  • Documentation & Assets – We’ll make sure your businesses IT systems, assets and processes are documented.
  • Mentoring & Support – We are available for help, guidance and advice when needed.
  • Training – We’ll help to train your teams on how to get the most out of the technology and solutions in your business.

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